Arm Yourself with an Education!

SOF for Life has long focused on financial wellness and career preparedness, and academics can play an important role in both. For that reason, the Global SOF Foundation’s Academic Partners have been tied into the SOF for Life program as a fourth pillar.

Learn more about each of these institutes below, and visit their websites to get more in depth knowledge about their specific defense-focused degrees and/or certificates.

Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) is based in Washington, DC, and offers a professional and executive education that is easily tailored to students who wish to pursue a career in national security or those who currently work in the national security community. Its current M.A. Programs include:

  • M.A. IN NATIONAL SECURITY: Focuses on supporting the professional development of individuals seeking to advance and secure the interests and ideals of the nation.
  • M.A. IN INTELLIGENCE: Focused on the missions, methods, and organizational structure of public and private sector intelligence in the 21st Century.
  • M.A. IN MANAGING DISRUPTION AND VIOLENCE: Focuses on the communications aspects of managing the potential or existing disruptive and violent consequences of external group behavior.

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National Forensic Science Technology Center @ FIU

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) is a department of Florida International University (FIU) located in Largo, Florida. NFSTC@FIU has provided quality forensic services including training, assessment, research and technology assistance to the justice, law enforcement, military and forensic communities since 1995.

NFSTC@FIU offers a variety of online courses including Crime Scene Investigation Training and more! NFSTC’s partnership with FIU expands academic opportunities in forensic science. Learn more about this academic gateway to a hands-on career.

Learn more about NFSTC@FIU

Learn more about FIU’s online opportunities

Norwich University

Norwich has over 50 different degree program options, so no matter what field you choose, your Norwich education is designed to ready you for your career and give you a competitive advantage.

Available programs include Athletic Training, Cyber Security, Communications, Criminal Justice, International Studies, and much more! See why Norwich might be the right fit for your post-military career on their website.

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