DOD SkillBridge

We at the GSF and SOF for Life are big advocates of the DOD SkillBridge Program.

The DoD SkillBridge program is based on two driving principles:

  1. The U.S. military Services will allow eligible Service members to participate in industry training (i.e., internships) instead of performing military duties during the closing months of their Service.
  2. Industry participants will offer training at little or no cost to eligible Service members on or near the installations where they are stationed during that same timeframe.

Learn more about the program at the DoD SkillBridge website:

The Global SOF Foundation has had several participants in SkillBridge, and we have feedback in the form of Blogs and a Podcast.

SkillBridge Blogs from two retired Navy Commanders: Stephen Jones and Chuck Neu.

More into Podcasts? Check out our episode on SOFspot with Stephen and Chuck.